A wide selection of versatile and adaptable components allows you to combine the benefits of a leading standard solution.


Get an overivew of total wealth at any time and analyze, piece by piece, key indicators such as allocation, performance, and exposure.

The process-driven PM1 CRM is a fully embedded component of the PM1 platform.

Compare investments to custom benchmarks and attribute and evaluate differences in performance and risk.

Inbound an outbond connectivity is imperative for all PM1 solutions. The PM1 connectivity solutions supports both.

Get closer to your clients and deliver exceptional services with the PM1 Digital Online Banking solution.

The PM1 Report Manager, Archiving & Mass Printing module is a complete solution for the automation and batch processing of routine and ad-hoc reporting tasks.

Restriction engine and risk controlling help to monitor the risk to ensure compliance with the current regulations.

The PM1 order management supports the whole order life cycle including validations, pre-trade checks, approvals and order book maintenance.
PM1 enables financial institutions to reduce inefficiencies endemic to the account opening process, making client on-boarding a more streamlined process.

PM1 helps you to keep up with changing business and regulatory needs, including MiFID II and FIDLEG.

The PM1 supports SAA/TAA portfolio modelling. Powerful rebalancing automation helps you to be in line with your investment profiles.

LM1 is an independent loan, mortgage, & credit management framework specifically developed for midsize banks.

Asset Viewing

Asset Viewing provides a professional overview of a client's total wealth at any time. All necessary information is retrieved and presented in a configurable workbench. Asset Viewing supports fast navigation to other components, including security master/market data, transaction, and position data, or to other PM1 solutions, such as Trade & Order Management and Suitability, and Due Diligence.

Key Features
  • Valuation and performance calculation on any level
  • Total wealth overview including illiquid assets
  • Ad-hoc consolidations across multiple entities
  • Multi-currency, multi-custodian, and multi-client capability
  • Allocation tree structure allows flexible drill down and slice and dice analysis
  • Configurable workbench with flexible dashboard layouts
  • Look-through functionality for funds and structured products
  • Graphical views and charts
  • Core of PM1 suite providing the basis for all other components

Relationship Management

The relationship component allows all facilities to work based on a client centric approach providing a 360 degree view on the client and his assets. The CRM supports the user in meeting all regulatory and due diligence requirements. Based on an intelligent BPM engine (LSPS) with flexible workflows, the award winning CRM provides the basis for managing the whole client life cycle.

PM1 CRM is a relationship management solution explicitly designed for wealth management purposes. It supports all regulatory requirements and provides the facilities to collect and maintain all relevant customer data including:

  • KYC
  • Source of wealth
  • Sensitive industry and country
  • PEP
  • Blacklist check

Questionnaires can be defined to collect information to identify the client's risk profile, including information on product knowledge and experience (suitability and appropriateness), and to clarify his tax status (e.g. Risk Profile or FATCA questionnaires).

On-Boarding Processes and Campaign Management
The data collected provides the basis for the on-boarding processes modelled in the embedded BPM engine. The data also includes information on family and business relationships (represented in interactive charts) which, when combined with additional data like special interest, allows the use of the CRM component for marketing purposes. The query engine helps to define the target groups for campaigns which can be managed and monitored in a dedicated BPM based module.

Benchmarking & Risk Figures

Structured benchmarks can be composed along asset allocation and used for comparison and analysis. Performance attribution and contribution, figures, and ratios are calculated and provided for on-screen valuations and printed reports.

Key Features

  • Definition and maintenance of structured benchmarks
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Performance attribution analysis (selection and timing effects plus cross product)
  • Calculation of figures: Sharpe ratio, Treynor, Jensen's Alpha, etc.
  • Calculation of tracking error


A wide range of connections have been established over the past 20 years to core-banking systems, hosting systems, custodians, and data providers.

Standard interface technology
Expersoft offers standard interfaces to the main commonly used core banking solutions and the major market data providers. Interfaces to the world's most important custodian banks complete our offer.

The PM1 technology also allows the creation of individual interfaces to ensure proper integration with any existing environment. The standard interfaces also include standardized formats like SWIFT and FIX.

Connectivity with custodians
The custodian banks currently covered by standard interfaces include UBS, Credit Suisse, Julius Bär, LGT, Pictet, and many more. A full list can be obtained in the Factsheet download link in this section.

Digital Online Banking

The Digital Online Banking platform integrates various PM1 solutions in an overlying presentation layer.

The PM1 Digital Online Banking solution is a client-facing browser application for online banking. The solution offers asset browsing, ordering, content publication, e-documents, and secure messaging features. Direct interfaces with PM1 ensure data and order consistency, and security is assured to the highest professional grade. Rich configuration options allow fine control over asset, account, and order visibility, approval chains for payments, and much more. Also, the HTML5 browser interface can be configured and customized to meet corporate design requirements.

Online banking helps to strengthen the relationship between advisor and client, leading to an improved client experience, easier delivery of professional services, and the potential to open up new opportunities.

Key Features

  • Asset viewing at client, mandate, and portfolio levels
  • Transactions history
  • Cash accounts
  • Payments, single and standing orders
  • Order placement and tracking for securities, FX, and money markets
  • Research and other content publication and access
  • E-Document access
  • Secure messaging between client and bank

Reporting & Output Management

PM1 supports the financial industry by offering a comprehensive bundle of functionalities for the generation, export, publication, and archiving of standard and custom reports.

Comprehensive and straight-forward reporting capabilities address customer's and management's demands for transparency. PM1's powerful reporting engine ensures delivery of the required information to the right person, on-time, and at low cost, and is accessible on all mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Large selection of standard reports out of the box
  • Report generator tool for customer-specific and ad-hoc reports
  • Multi-dimensional consolidation on unlimited levels (e.g. for family office reporting)
  • Scheduling of automated report jobs
  • Batch processing of report tasks for mass printing and PDF generation
  • Fully customizable report templates
  • Export in XML format or directly to Microsoft® Excel

Risk Control & Management

Financial institutions must ensure that their risk management functions and processes keep pace with change and plan for compliance with upcoming regulations. PM1 helps to achieve this goal. PM1 calculates all relevant figures and sensitivities and provides simulation analysis. Controlling tools help the user to monitor and manage the risk involved.

Monitor & Control
PM1 risk management solutions provide all necessary facilities to monitor and control the risk involved in investments. A flexible engine allows the definition and management of rules defining both legal (regulatory) and individual (investment) restrictions which can be defined on different levels (hard - medium - soft). Possible violations can be checked any time, both pre- and post-trade.

Sensitivities & Risk Figures
Based on historic and current market data, PM1 calculates all relevant sensitivities for the different financial instruments, including duration and modified duration for bonds, delta and gamma for options, and many more. Value at risk and expected shortfall is calculated using different mathematical approaches.

Stress Tests & Simulations
Market scenarios are used to illustrate the impact on investments in sophisticated stress tests, which can be used as a basis for discretionary investment decisions or in financial planning discussions in the private banking business to create the appropriate investment proposal.

Trading & Order Management

PM1 Order Management supports the order capture of Payments, FX, money market, securities and derivatives orders, providing facilities for trading both exchange traded and over-the-counter products.

Pre-Trade Checks
Expersoft's comprehensive order management solutions automate pre-trade checks. This includes both compliance checks covering the regulatory requirements of MiFID II, FIDLEG, FATCA, etc. and individual client restrictions represented in their specific investment guidelines.

With PM1 Connectivity solutions, you can submit orders for execution using various channels that range from producing and sending a Fax to an automated order routing provided by the core banking or custodian services.

Key Features

  • Orders for exchange traded and OTC instruments
  • Payment orders
  • FX/MM orders
  • Order book
  • Soft, medium and hard restrictions
  • MiFID checks
  • Order import and export
  • Order bulking
  • Approval processes (4-eyes checks)

On-Boarding Processes

PM1 not only covers the client on-boarding process, with its complex account opening requirements; it also offers complete Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), which is the end-to-end management of a client during their entire relationship with a bank, an asset management company, a family office, or any other organisation in the financial industry.

The embedded intelligent BPM engine, LSPS, enables financial institutions to reduce front and back office inefficiencies endemic to the account opening process, turning client on-boarding into a more streamlined process for both the financial institution and the customer. PM1 makes the account opening process as seamless as possible both on the front end for the customer and on the back end, for the bank. LSPS coordinates the series of processes on the back end, thus reducing the significant losses that banks incur through wasted time and excessive paperwork, while making the processes easier to navigate for the employee. Data capture Data capture is often the start of delays and significant paperwork. Instead of requiring customers to fill out multiple paper forms, switching to digital forms allows existing data to be automatically filled onto all relevant forms. Once paperwork is digitized, PM1 can cross business lines to autofill forms, where pre-existing data is available. Compliance Information required for client approval varies based on many factors, ranging from type of product, to risk components, to income levels. As these factors change, LSPS provides the ability to safely make updates and ad-hoc changes to running process instances, resulting in fast and efficient implementation to all relevant parties and documents regardless of whether this occurs within a single division or across the entire bank entity. These features provide the basis for all regulatory compliance issues (MiFID, FIDLEG, FATCA, etc.). Analytics Monitoring processes ranging from the time required to fill out forms to ensuring compliance with KYC and AML provides the business owner with an easy method to determine where bottlenecks occur and how best to eliminate the delays while still accomplishing preset business goals.

Suitability & Regulatory Compliance

The constant evolution of local and international regulations is a major driving force in the financial industry. The implementation of PM1 supports all efforts necessary to stay compliant with the regulations relevant for wealth and asset management.

Suitability and appropriateness are two of the key areas of the MiFID conduct of business regime, meaning companies in the wealth management sector will be subject to new and/or additional requirements in the areas of portfolio management, investment advice, and execution-only business. The suitability obligation is owed wherever a firm provides investment advice or portfolio management services to a client. The firm must obtain sufficient information regarding the client’s knowledge and experience, financial situation and investment objectives to enable it to recommend investment services and financial instruments suited to the client.
PM1 supports the financial industry with tools to ensure full MiFID II and FIDLEG compliance. This includes client and asset classification, risk profile identification (questionnaires), pre- and post-trade checks, and internal reports.

The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) is a global standard that governs how participating countries exchange specific account information, with the goal of making tax evasion impossible. Under the international OECD standard, to which over 100 jurisdictions have agreed, banks must remit specific information about taxpayers who have their account in a country other than the country where they have their tax domicile. This information includes, account number, tax ID number, name, address, and birth date of the accountholder and all types of income, and balance of that account.
PM1 provides the capabilities and tools necessary to comply with AEI, and accommodate the specific requirements associated with each relevant jurisdiction.

Other Regulations
Expersoft also provides the necessary functionality to cope with other market regulations, such as AIFMD, UCITS, and EMIR.

Key Features

  • Client classification
  • Risk profile questionnaires
  • Appropriateness and suitability checks
  • Portfolio health checks - pre- and post-trade
  • Analytical reports

Model Portfolio Management

PM1 model portfolio management provides all functionality necessary to define both strategic and tactical asset allocations for discretionary management. The model portfolios may even be individually managed per segment to follow an expert oriented multi-manager approach. The automatically generated proposals can be adapted and used to create bulk orders.

The model portfolios can be assigned to client portfolios and applied in an automated rebalancing process to align the portfolios with the adapted strategies. The order proposals created can be individually amended by the portfolio managers and are checked against both legal and investment restrictions.

Key Features

  • Management of SAA and TAA
  • Management of recommendation lists
  • Segmented model portfolio definitions
  • Multi manager capable design
  • Order proposals
  • Automated rebalancing against client portfolios
  • Pre-trade checks against legal and individual restrictions
  • Automated (bulk) order creation

Loan Management Solution

LM1 is an independent loan, mortgage, and credit management framework specifically developed for midsize retail and commercial banks. It overlays existing systems, internal and third party, and consolidates all relevant information into a new user dashboard. Using Adaptive Case Management, LM1 steps away from a traditional linear workflow, reducing needless delays by allowing dynamic updating of the applications in real-time from multiple sources, with established rules ensuring compliance with all regulatory and due diligence requirements. All internal communication is automatically included in the case record, resulting in full transparency and auditability.

Key Features include:

  • Flexible Loan Management – Configurable to each bank’s needs, including Role Based User Assignments, Lookup & Mapping Tables, and Third Party Service Providers.
  • Integrated Loan Management – Seamless integration with Systems of Record, such as Core Banking Systems, Document Relationship Management Systems, and Loan Origination Systems.
  • Eliminate Redundant Efforts- Enter information one time and have it where it’s needed across all related paperwork for present and future applications.
  • Adaptive Case Management – Modify, supplement, validate information when you need to: processing, underwriting, closing, post closing, with LM1 notifying appropriate members of the loan operations team of problems and pending items.
  • Efficient Loan Handling – Eliminates multiple manual tasks endemic to legacy systems, providing instead a consolidated process between all related systems, with information quickly accessible from a single dashboard.
  • Collaboration – Allows for internal comments, Q&A, email, and SMS, all becoming part of the case record.