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PM1 Training Questionnaire

Your full name:

Question 1

1a.     How do you rate the average users’ understanding of PM1 on first use? (1-low, 10-high)

1b.     Please provide 2 or more reasons that justify the above rating.

Question 2

2.       Do you feel that users understand (1-low, 10-high) ...

a.     …the differences between the Ordering and the Booking function?


b.     …the differences between pre-trade and post-trade functions in PM1?


c.     …the differences between Proposed Orders and Draft Orders?


d.     …how the 4-Eyes Check works?


e.     …how the Valuation Dashboard works?


f.      …how to generate reports?


g.     …the role that Pending Items have in the Account Opening process?


Do you have any further comments on functionality users find difficult to understand? 

Question 3

3.       Do you observe that after the first 30 days of PM1 usage, users (1-low, 10-high) ...

a.     ...are making use of the PM1 online help (wiki)?

b.     …still come to you with very basic questions?

c.      …tend to ask general usage questions?

d.     …tend to ask specific questions?


Question 4

4.       What are 1-5 of the most common questions you are asked by users?

Question 5

5.       What suggestions do you have to better automate communication so that you can work more

Question 6

6.       What suggestions do you have to better save time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks?

Question 7

7.       Do you have any further general or specific feedback, for instance on how to improve PM1?

Thank you, your response has been successfully submitted.
The collated results will be made available in due course.

Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed.

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