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Successful Transformation – Tareno implements the award winning PM1 solution from Expersoft

Tareno Ltd, one of the largest independent asset managers in Switzerland, has successfully implemented Expersoft’s PMS and CRM solution and is already benefiting from substantial efficiency improvements. The decisions to invest in a new PMS/CRM solution and then to choose Expersoft’s PM1 solution were made to ensure that Tareno could continue to meet its own standards for the highest quality of execution while delivering on its growth strategy and addressing a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

In an interview with the CEO of Expersoft, Philipp Bisang, Tareno COO and Managing Director Doron Bollag explores Tareno’s experience, from the search for a provider, to the implementation of PM1 in Tareno's complex business environment, and concluding with Mr. Bollag’s recommendations on how other firms might likewise master these same challenges.

“We view our customer partnerships as long-term relationships. We are not only very happy to see Tareno securing the benefits of using PM1, we are deeply engaged in helping Tareno further enhance the extremely high quality of service they provide to their clients.” Philipp Bisang, CEO, Expersoft Systems AG.

Click here to view the whole interview, in German, on the Tareno website.


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