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Exciting new PM1 updates to celebrate the beginning of 2021

The PM1 20.08 update has arrived! The new upgrades and features range from a UI design refresh to new compliance dashboards, much of which is a direct result from our continuous discussions with customers to ensure PM1 is providing what they need. This update is available immediately to all single instance users and will be made available to our platform users during the next few weeks. Here are some highlights of the many exciting new updates of PM1:

A UI/UX design refresh now provides not only three out-of-the-box standard themes, Blue Mode, Light Mode, and Dark Mode, but the option of customized themes and branding as well. Implementation of all options are user-friendly, making it straightforward for each customer to find an interface design and theme that works best for them.

A reworked search mechanism allows searching for persons, mandates, portfolios, or assets, with the result identifying partial and complete matches, plus list of clickable resources and actions to directly navigate to the correct application component within the selection context.

A new compliance dashboard for portfolio managers provides an active monitor of ex-ante and ex-post portfolio compliance violations, with a list of possible actions to resolve each violation. For example, a MiFID II suitability violation resulting from insufficient liquidity would result in an alert on the monitor plus a set of contextual remediation actions to resolve the violation.

A customizable Kanban task management dashboard is now available that provides drag-and-drop control over task organisation, with work-queue management, task tracking, distribution, and escalations.

An AML transaction monitor has been introduced with atomic and collective rule configuration to automatically identify and report potential AML issues.

There is also a new notification manager accessible via a righthand sidebar. Notifications are grouped into categories, such as order status notifications, task notifications, expiring documents, AML transactions, compliance violations, and system alerts.

These updates and more ensure PM1 is among the most transformative and powerful wealth and asset management platform available globally, with even more innovation coming in 2021.

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