Interface Technology

The solution offers several interfaces for interoperability. At the database level, a bidirectional store-and-forward message bus named RTW allows interchange of information from the whole data model. At the Java enterprise level, the standard JEE technologies (EJB 3, JMS, Web Services) are fully available, and dedicated APIs expose the solution's specific services to external systems. At the model level, ready-made features are provided (e.g., PDF document creation and population, MS Excel data export, MS Exchange and MS SharePoint connections). No third-party product is used: only open standards and direct APIs. Interface Bus The RTW bus offers a rule-based data mapping (for both inbound and outbound information) that can be interactively configured with a multi-user role-aware GUI. Data formats for external exchange include SWIFT, XML, CSV, and Fixed Record Length. Supported standard protocols include JMS, FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, plus Oracle-specific transports.
Short overview: 

The communication with the core banking solutions and the major custodian banks, as well as with the main vendors of market data is essential for the usability of a wealth management solution like PM1.