Business Process Management

Model-Driven Design
With 100% model-driven design, simple processes can be created, tested and deployed in minutes. When skilled developers wish to dig deeper, the Eclipse IDE and rich Java support ensures that applications can be tuned to very specific requirements.

Goal-Oriented BPMN
With full support for standard BPMN, an existing model can be imported or designed in the tool, then automated with simple execution semantics, data integration and form design. Going a step further with Goal-Oriented BPMN, flexible business-driven processes can be built that are ideal for case-driven scenarios and where real-time analytical improvement of processes is a target.

The combination of classic BPMN and Goal-Oriented BPMN modeling allows the native creation of

  • Conventional BPMN models
  • Flexible Goal-Oriented BPMN models
  • Dynamic/Adaptive Case Management models
Short overview: 

Expersoft uses the embedded BPM engine to model the business processes for the wealth management industry. This enables e.g. the representation of the full client life cycle and the sophisticated trading workflows in PM1.