Presentation Tier: The Web-based user interface relies on the Vaadin framework for Rich Internet Applications and combines model-driven form design with Java direct UI development to achieve the best user experience. This approach permits pixel-perfect look&feel combined with extremely fine-grained connection between UI and processes.

Business Tier: The baseline EJB implementation of this tier is enhanced by next-generation model-driven components created with the Living Systems Process Suite BPMS. Rules, functions, constraints, queries, and any kind of business logic can be realized with the best combination of Java and BPM components. This grants unparalled flexibility and dependability for the enterprise solution.

System & Data Tier: This tier is realized by the Oracle DBMS, accessed through JEE-compliant JPA API for ordinary CRUD operations on entities, and specific JDBC operations for high-performance cases (e.g., high volume reporting).

Short overview: 
The database server is the core of the system. The application server provides the browser based PM1 for the users. Additional components enhance flexibility, functionality and scalability of the PM1 suite.