Trading & Order Management

Pre-Trade Checks
Expersoft's comprehensive order management solutions automate pre-trade checks. This includes both compliance checks covering the regulatory requirements of MiFID II, FIDLEG, FATCA, etc. and individual client restrictions represented in their specific investment guidelines.

With PM1 Connectivity solutions, you can submit orders for execution using various channels that range from producing and sending a Fax to an automated order routing provided by the core banking or custodian services.

Key Features

  • Orders for exchange traded and OTC instruments
  • Payment orders
  • FX/MM orders
  • Order book
  • Soft, medium and hard restrictions
  • MiFID checks
  • Order import and export
  • Order bulking
  • Approval processes (4-eyes checks)
Short overview: 
The PM1 order management supports the whole order life cycle including validations, pre-trade checks, approvals and order book maintenance.