Suitability & Regulatory Compliance

Suitability and appropriateness are two of the key areas of the MiFID conduct of business regime, meaning companies in the wealth management sector will be subject to new and/or additional requirements in the areas of portfolio management, investment advice, and execution-only business. The suitability obligation is owed wherever a firm provides investment advice or portfolio management services to a client. The firm must obtain sufficient information regarding the client’s knowledge and experience, financial situation and investment objectives to enable it to recommend investment services and financial instruments suited to the client.
PM1 supports the financial industry with tools to ensure full MiFID II and FIDLEG compliance. This includes client and asset classification, risk profile identification (questionnaires), pre- and post-trade checks, and internal reports.

The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) is a global standard that governs how participating countries exchange specific account information, with the goal of making tax evasion impossible. Under the international OECD standard, to which over 100 jurisdictions have agreed, banks must remit specific information about taxpayers who have their account in a country other than the country where they have their tax domicile. This information includes, account number, tax ID number, name, address, and birth date of the accountholder and all types of income, and balance of that account.
PM1 provides the capabilities and tools necessary to comply with AEI, and accommodate the specific requirements associated with each relevant jurisdiction.

Other Regulations
Expersoft also provides the necessary functionality to cope with other market regulations, such as AIFMD, UCITS, and EMIR.

Key Features

  • Client classification
  • Risk profile questionnaires
  • Appropriateness and suitability checks
  • Portfolio health checks - pre- and post-trade
  • Analytical reports
Short overview: 

PM1 helps you to keep up with changing business and regulatory needs, including MiFID II and FIDLEG.