SaaS & Cloud Services

Expersoft offers three packages to meet the different requirements of asset management companies:

PM1 Basic is the core of the SaaS offering. This package provides the base functionalities for portfolio valuation and performance calculation, including a set of standard report templates which can be customized based on client needs. PM1 Basic is the right tool to perform state-of-the- art consolidated valuation and performance reporting.

PM1 Advanced offers all features of PM1 Basic. In addition, the Advanced package covers Benchmarking, Performance & Risk Attribution.

PM1 Premium offers all features of PM1 Advanced, plus extensions for Order Management and Model Portfolio & Rebalancing.

PM1 SaaS ensures the availability of proper master and market data. Data will be requested and uploaded from an indicated proprietary data provider. This service decreases the effort required for data administration, while supporting a fast and efficient security opening process. Data Management is a client-oriented back office service provided by experienced Expersoft specialists covering transaction booking and reconciliation processes. Our clients benefit from no internal back office costs for data entry, checks, as well as fast and effective service for back office processing. The Data Management service is highly transparent as it is based on usage and volume.
Short overview: 

Wealth and Asset Managers demand reliable portfolio management and flexible reporting solutions. Expersoft offers its modular PM1 suite as a Service (SaaS) platform.