Expersoft provides comprehensive services to complement the solution offerings.


Wealth and Asset Managers demand reliable portfolio management and flexible reporting solutions. Expersoft offers its modular PM1 suite as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Expersoft's skilled support team answers all product related questions and takes care of all customer issues related to the PM1 suite.

Our professional services team provides a range of training and support services to ensure customers attain maximum return on investments in our products, solutions, and services.
Comprehensive end-to-end project implementation and consulting services for customers and partners.

SaaS & Cloud Services

This FINMA compliant solution helps ensure that focus remains on the core business with IT operations managed in a trusted data-center that provides secure coverage of all portfolio management processes. Multiple interfaces with custodian banks and data providers allow the direct processing of master, market, transaction, and position data. Furthermore, additional services, such as Data Management for bookings and reconciliation, are available as services provided by the experienced Expersoft Data Management Team.

Expersoft offers three packages to meet the different requirements of asset management companies:

PM1 Basic is the core of the SaaS offering. This package provides the base functionalities for portfolio valuation and performance calculation, including a set of standard report templates which can be customized based on client needs. PM1 Basic is the right tool to perform state-of-the- art consolidated valuation and performance reporting.

PM1 Advanced offers all features of PM1 Basic. In addition, the Advanced package covers Benchmarking, Performance & Risk Attribution.

PM1 Premium offers all features of PM1 Advanced, plus extensions for Order Management and Model Portfolio & Rebalancing.

PM1 SaaS ensures the availability of proper master and market data. Data will be requested and uploaded from an indicated proprietary data provider. This service decreases the effort required for data administration, while supporting a fast and efficient security opening process. Data Management is a client-oriented back office service provided by experienced Expersoft specialists covering transaction booking and reconciliation processes. Our clients benefit from no internal back office costs for data entry, checks, as well as fast and effective service for back office processing. The Data Management service is highly transparent as it is based on usage and volume.

Product Support

Expersoft runs a comprehensive help-desk for all PM1 components. Customers can use dedicated online facilities or make use of additional direct support via phone or e-mail.

Expersoft offers all standard help-desk facilities: a Customer Internet Portal for notifying, management and tracking Issues. The support team can be contacted by phone and via email. Different service levels can be negotiated.

7/24 support can be agreed on in the service level agreement. Additionally emergency response team services can be ordered for weekends, holidays, and late working times. The various Expersoft offices around the globe also grant a follow-the-sun support approach for customers in the APAC and LATAM region.

On site intervention can be ordered and will be provided in an appropriate time, according to the severity of the issue. Depending on availability, Expersoft experts can be on site within a few hours.

Training Services

Expersoft offers a standard training program, which covers the requirements for basic users, advanced users, and administrators and for reporting. The training focuses mainly on functionality and usage of the system. The complete training program is offered directly by Expersoft.

Training programs are available for all product categories and solution offerings. Modules are designed to address the needs of all client personnel, spanning business & IT management, business users, analysts, modelers, process engineers, software developers, and system administrators. Training is crafted to ensure that an organization achieves sustainable competence in usage and administration of Expersoft technology.

Apart from standard training programs, the training programs for customer projects are tailored to meet the specific requirements and will in most cases be based on a train-the-trainer approach.

Expersoft offers additional programs for user groups and specific topics like new features and system administration tasks. Upon request, training programs are also offered for managing Jasper reports and the PM1 report server.

Special training is also available to provide knowledge of the business process management component LSPS and includes analysis and modelling.

Implementation & Consulting

Expersoft provides comprehensive end-to-end project implementation and consulting services for customers. Delivered by highly experienced Professional Services teams, we offer full delivery options spanning an entire project lifecycle, or targeted consulting to address a specific requirement.

Each customer project is assigned to an internal project leader responsible for coordinating all aspects of project delivery, including planning, communication, and tracking. The typical end-to-end project is managed according to the standard phases of project planning, release planning, analysis & design, implementation & quality assurance, deployment, monitoring & optimisation, and change management. Project flow is structured according to an iterative agile approach, ensuring that customers are regularly put in receipt of functional deliverables.

Expersoft services personnel are available on demand for projects and/or consulting, with skills including business requirements analysis, software configuration, software development, integration, data migration, installation, client report creation, and training.

Partner consulting is available to assist partners with project delivery.