Private Banking & Wealth Management

Expersoft provides an integrated solution covering the whole life cycle management within the private banking business. Starting with prospecting, the flexible on-boarding process collects all relevant data to ensure legal and tax compliance for account opening. PM1 supports all due diligence requirements and allows a configurable setup of workflow to meet the organisation's requirements. Customizable questionnaires identify tax status (e.g. FATCA), sensitive data (e.g. PEP), and the client's risk profile (suitability) and product knowledge and experience (appropriateness).

All documents necessary for account opening are created and populated within the processes, which are created using the most advanced intelligent BPM technology (embedded layer using LSPS).

Short overview: 

The increasing number of regulations has changed the world of wealth management entirely. PM1 supports the new style of private banking throughout the whole client life cycle.