Family Offices

The modular PM1 components for Asset Management are configured into integrated solutions that bring business data into a highly customizable single application. Best practices can be evaluated, captured, and shared within the team and with the customers.

Interfaces to many different custodian banks and to all common data providers guarantee a high level of automation. Therefore managers are able to concentrate more on customer advisory supporting their investment decisions.

The Expersoft solution offers state-of-the-art portfolio management with consolidations and aggregations on all levels, granting full transparency for both customers and management. Based on a flexible representation of asset allocation — including non—bankable assets such as real estate, private equity, collections, etc. — the system provides on screen analysis and simulations of all investment levels.

Tools for the management of illiquid assets include, for example, cash flow tables and reminders for updating valuations. Cashflows, performance figures (e.g. MWR, TWR, Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, Alpha), sensitivities (e.g. duration, modified duration, convexity, beta, delta, gamma) and risk figures (e.g. VaR and expected shortfall) are calculated, used for stress testing, and provided for reports.

The web based approach of the system guarantees worldwide access from mobile devices. Sophisticated reporting sets enable management to meet the high expectations of their clientele. Fully customized reports incorporate corporate identity and accentuate the exclusiveness of the individual reporting services.

Short overview: 

Family offices have to provide innovative and competitive products and services. PM1 supports the full range of Wealth Management services and provides consolidated views and reports.