Leading solutions for family offices, external asset managers, private banking & wealth management.


Family offices have to provide innovative and competitive products and services. PM1 supports the full range of Wealth Management services and provides consolidated views and reports.

Asset Managers are constantly challenged by changing requirements. Expersoft provides world-class solutions and services to answer these challenges and generate new business.

The increasing number of regulations has changed the world of wealth management entirely. PM1 supports the new style of private banking throughout the whole client life cycle.

Family Offices

Expersoft PM1 family office solutions offer visual and interactive insight into key investment data to comprehensively support users in various roles with financial analysis, portfolio modeling, asset selection, risk management, plan implementation, performance attribution, and the on-going monitoring of investments.

The modular PM1 components for Asset Management are configured into integrated solutions that bring business data into a highly customizable single application. Best practices can be evaluated, captured, and shared within the team and with the customers.

Interfaces to many different custodian banks and to all common data providers guarantee a high level of automation. Therefore managers are able to concentrate more on customer advisory supporting their investment decisions.

The Expersoft solution offers state-of-the-art portfolio management with consolidations and aggregations on all levels, granting full transparency for both customers and management. Based on a flexible representation of asset allocation — including non—bankable assets such as real estate, private equity, collections, etc. — the system provides on screen analysis and simulations of all investment levels.

Tools for the management of illiquid assets include, for example, cash flow tables and reminders for updating valuations. Cashflows, performance figures (e.g. MWR, TWR, Sharpe Ratio, Information Ratio, Alpha), sensitivities (e.g. duration, modified duration, convexity, beta, delta, gamma) and risk figures (e.g. VaR and expected shortfall) are calculated, used for stress testing, and provided for reports.

The web based approach of the system guarantees worldwide access from mobile devices. Sophisticated reporting sets enable management to meet the high expectations of their clientele. Fully customized reports incorporate corporate identity and accentuate the exclusiveness of the individual reporting services.

Asset Management

Independent asset managers are a major segment of Expersoft's customer base. Thus portfolio and asset management is a core functionality of PM1, supporting end-to-end processes such as account opening, advanced performance calculations, and sophisticated client reporting.

The PM1 suite offers fully scalable solutions for asset management and financial intermediary companies of all sizes. The modular concept guarantees perfect alignment with individual requirements and optimization of the investment process.

Based on a proven core capability, PM1 offers flexible asset viewing tools for structuring and consolidating portfolios along their asset allocation. The evaluation provides the necessary functionality to retrieve all information required: market values (gross and net), acquisition values, accrued interest, sensitivities (e.g. duration, modified duration, delta, gamma, etc.), profit and loss figures, etc. The performance calculation engine delivers money weighted and time weighted returns on all investment levels. A management fee calculation engine allows the definition of fee structures including performance based approaches. A sophisticated order module supports the trading of both listed and OTC instruments. The strong rebalancing component allows the definition and maintenance of model portfolios for automated rebalancing against linked customer portfolios.

Use of the award winning CRM component of PM1 enables the asset manager to handle all transparency requirements and follow a client centric approach. All data required to meet regulations such as MiFID II may be held and maintained in PM1, which facilitates both post-trade and pre-trade checks for individual and regulatory restrictions, including suitability and appropriateness.

External asset managers must provide state-of-the-art customer reports to meet the expectations of their clientele and to remain competitive. PM1 provides the means to produce those sophisticated reports containing all required combinations of information, data, and results maintained and calculated in the system. Multiple sets of reports can be defined for different purposes and mailing instructions.

The PM1 suite is also an ideal basis for setting up a platform for asset managers and financial intermediaries. Indeed, Expersoft offers a "PM1 as a Service" platform for these customers as a hosted service (SaaS platform).

Private Banking & Wealth Management

The client on-boarding process in the wealth management domain has become increasingly complex due to a growing number of regulations and checks which must be considered. The use of a powerful software solution based on state-of-the-art business process technology helps to meet today's regulatory requirements (MiFID II, FIDLEG, FATCA, etc.) and to reduce the cost involved in the whole client lifecycle management.

Expersoft provides an integrated solution covering the whole life cycle management within the private banking business. Starting with prospecting, the flexible on-boarding process collects all relevant data to ensure legal and tax compliance for account opening. PM1 supports all due diligence requirements and allows a configurable setup of workflow to meet the organisation's requirements. Customizable questionnaires identify tax status (e.g. FATCA), sensitive data (e.g. PEP), and the client's risk profile (suitability) and product knowledge and experience (appropriateness).

All documents necessary for account opening are created and populated within the processes, which are created using the most advanced intelligent BPM technology (embedded layer using LSPS).