Hosting Solutions

PM1 OnPrem

PM1 Cloud

PM1 On-Premise

PM1 On-Prem supports the deployment and integration of PM1 on bank premises,  where installation and operational management will be controlled by the bank. Full consultancy and, if required, outsourced systems administration, is available from Expersoft. 

PM1 Cloud

PM1 Cloud is the outsourced secure hosting and operational services offering from Expersoft.  PM1 is installed and managed in either fully independent professional hosting facilities in Switzerland, or in the Oracle Cloud located in several global locations. All system and software updates are fully administered by Expersoft. 

This is PM1 for customers wishing to focus on their business rather than managing IT.




AM-One is an Expersoft hosted offering for smaller and mid-size IAMs with a unique balance of capability, service, and value. The multi-tenant platform combines the award-winning PM1 solution with a complete service package offered by our specialised partners and marketplace network. 

Check out the am-one website for details. For IAMs in Germany, go to



LM1 is the ultimate digital loan management  system for optimising the "application-to-close" process by fluidly harmonising the work of all operational staff including loan officers, underwriters, and post-closersImplementations are available for on-premise installation and hosting in private/public cloud infrastructure.

Check out the LM1 website for details.


ProWealth1 is a Credit Suisse offering for IAMs consisting of the PM1 software plus selected third-party services, hosted and operated by Expersoft. The solution is intended for firms with significant assets in custody with Credit Suisse, who in turn offers sponsored access to the platform. Designed for professional asset management companies serving sophisticated HNWI and UHNWI clients.