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Private Banking & Wealth Management 

PM1 is used by several of the world's largest private wealth banks to manage assets on a global scale across multiple booking centres. The manifest reasons are grounded by PM1 offering the most comprehensive capabilities of any product in the front-/mid-office category, covering full life-cycle management within the private banking business. From full client regulatory handling, through multi-booking centre consolidated reporting, to an unparalleled user experience, PM1 is simply the only complete software capable of meeting the needs of today's modern banks demanding digital supremacy combined with the human touch.

As no software exists in isolation, PM1 also offers best-in-class interfacing capabilities to integrate with core banking systems, order execution systems, and the myriad of other applications in common use. Hosting options include on-premise, in the PM1 Cloud, and via our partnership with the Finstar Open Banking platform. 


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Independent Asset Management

PM1 is used by several hundred Independent Asset Management firms, ranging from large multi-billion AuM global companies, to smaller boutique operations focusing on specific jurisdictions and/or segments. Powerful multi-custody, multi-currency consolidation and reporting lie at the heart of the offering, complemented by modular enhancements to cover regulatory requirements, client management, discretionary and advisory services, client access, and much more. 

For larger IAMs, the PM1 Cloud offering empowers complete control over configuration and data manipulation. For smaller IAMs, the award-winning AM-One platform provides a multi-tenant cloud with pre-configured capabilities for ease of use, rapid uptake, and manageable cost. All our IAM solutions offer our best-in-class client management & reporting, portfolio and asset management and regulatory coverage as standard.



Solutions for

Family Offices

PM1 family office solutions offer visual and interactive insights into key investment data to comprehensively support users with financial analysis, portfolio modelling, asset selection, risk management, plan implementation, performance attribution, and the on-going monitoring of investments. Key features required by family offices include private equity management and reporting, and treatment of non-bankable assets from real estate to vehicles and collectable art. Powerful on-screen charts allow the user to explore and manage complex family structures, including trusts.

From full client regulatory handling, through multi-custody consolidated reporting, to a clean user experience, PM1 is simply the perfect software complement to the business delivery of the modern family office.


Solutions for

Institutional Investing

PM1 is well suited for use by large institutional investment firms, such as insurance companies and pension fund managers, requiring detailed holdings analysis, performance and reporting capabilities.

Comprehensive risk analysis and key figures are complemented by fund look-through and contribution-attribution breakdowns with specialised reporting solutions.




Solutions for

Commercial Banking

LM1 is a flexible Loan Management system for commercial banking which automates and controls the end-to-end loan management process. Configurable to meet a bank's needs, the solution is based on state-of-the-art intelligent workflow technology supporting auto-completion of forms, role-based task assignment, work tracking, and complete auditable control of information flows. Integrations are prepared for core-banking systems, client and document management systems and loan origination systems.

LM1 eliminates redundant efforts and information loss, plus reduces paper waste. By eliminating manual work endemic to legacy systems, PM1 provides a consolidated process between all related systems with information quickly accessible from a single dashboard. 


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