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PM1 Platform


PM1 is the award-winning intelligent wealth management software providing full value chain coverage for your business. From client prospecting, to deep portfolio analysis, to online banking, PM1 will transform your business to be digitally ready for today and tomorrow.


Comprised of a comprehensive system nucleus with capabilities added as modular components to ensure each customer has exactly the tools for their needs. Moreover, with the PM1 API, all relevant data can be consolidated in PM1, creating new opportunities for business growth.

PM1 Connectivity
Core Systems Integrations
Jack Henry
Data Provider Integrations
Investment Navigator
SIX Financial Data
PM1 offers a complete integration solution comprised of the RTW batch & real-time ETL and an open REST API. 

Portfolio Analysis

  • Asset viewing with risk figures 

  • Configurable asset structures

  • Fund look-through & unbundling

  • Cashflows, transactions, master data

  • Benchmarks


  • TWR

  • MWR

  • IRR

  • Contribution / Attribution

  • Risk appraisal


  • Full data export to Excel

  • Consolidated client reporting 

  • Customisable colours, fonts, logos, and style sheets

PM1 Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our world-class PMS offers a modern, transformative approach to managing client assets with bleeding-edge intelligent technology and a powerful transactional engine. Over 600 risk calculations, model-portfolio rebalancing, benchmarks, fee models, and much more creates the basis for the industry standard in discretionary portfolio management.

Model Portfolios

  • Definition of model portfolios

  • Model in model structures

  • Automatic rebalancing algorithm

  • Creation of orders

  • Creation of models from simulation

Bookings & Accounting

  • Securities, FX, MM, pay, derivatives, swaps

  • Non-bankables

  • Corporate actions

  • Management fees

  • Export for external accounting systems


PM1 Client Relationship

Our award-winning CRM is designed specifically for the highly regulated and increasingly complex demands of wealth management by providing the ideal basis for managing the
entire client life cycle


PM1 Investment Advisory

Our innovative investment advisory solution combines a beautiful tablet/laptop advisory application with the power of our PMS including investment proposal simulation, state-of-the-art risk & suitability assessment and advisory proposal generation.

PM1 Order Management

Our powerful OMS facilitates single/bulk order capture, reconciliation, and pre-/post-trade processing of payments, securities, FX, money market, and derivatives orders, with support for both exchange traded and over-the-counter products. STP routing is available via both FIX and SWIFT standards.


PM1 Reporting & Analytics

Our industry-proven reporting engine allows the generation, export, publication, and archiving of both standard and fully-customisable client reporting sets. Moreover, our integral analytics engine supports deep analysis of multi-source data.


PM1 Client Engagement

Our full-service suite of tools extends the reach of PM1 to the client via a Web-portal, tablet application, and smartphone application. Capabilities include asset browsing, ordering, payments, content subscription, e-documents, secure messaging, and more.


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